The Top 3 Reasons Why Education sector is moving to Cloud Telephony Solutions

Today, most organizations are leveraging the cloud in one way or another. More businesses than ever are now recognizing the importance of adopting the cloud solutions and taking moving in that direction.

For educational institutions, it has become necessary to streamline their processes and improve efficiency across all departments.

Here are few interesting insights that can help you understand how you can achieve your organizational objectives and why more & more institutions are moving to cloud telephony solutions as a part of their strategic digital transformation initiatives.


  • Lead the Way in Admission Drive

Institutions and colleges must monitor students during the admissions process, if not then they choose another institute. Missed call services can be utilized to prevent students from switching institutions.

Interested students will give a missed call on the provided number, then a missed call panel will capture the number and store it into the database further it will be used by the institute to resolve all admissions related queries.

Making it simple for management to engage with interested students and share information such as the admission brochure through auto reply SMS as a result institute will never miss the lead.


  • Improve Communication Throughout the Institute

Cloud-based missed call system can play a significant role in improving communication between institute and students.  It becomes difficult to manage, share and analyze the data manually and ensuring you don’t miss anything. Your entire admission process including managing the data, calls and registration forms etc. can be simplified through missed calls service. You can also send important alerts to students at once.

Let’s say an institute is organizing an academic event such as a quiz competition. Through missed call solutions, interested students can participate by giving a missed call on the provided number and they will receive the registration link and more information about the competition.


  • Boost Productivity of Admissions personnel

A cloud-based missed call solution can help in facilitating a more efficient, streamlined communications environment. Missed call platform’s advanced management system allows administrators and admissions personnel to manage their day to day activities more efficiently. This helps in improve productivity, saving on time and resources and overall development of the organization.


  • Conclusion

As an educational institution, an advance cloud telephony solution such as missed call service can help you multiply your growth. When it comes to selecting a provider, it’s important to select a provider which can offer you quick, reliable and scalable services. Check out how OneRing missed call solutions has helped Kalaignarkarunanidhi Institute of  Technology  in their processes.


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