What is OneRing?

OneRing is a cloud-based,  mobile engagement platform that allows you to connect with consumers. Our integrated CRM makes OneRing a real-time cloud contact center with facilities like Web-based Calling, SMSing, emailing from a single interface. Our online payment gateway facilitates you to buy a dedicated number online and go live with your campaign in less than 5 minutes.

What kind of mobile engagement campaign or activity can we plan with OneRing.

Well, you can create instant feedback, voting, business lead generation campaign, mobile verification system and various other things as per need. Our team can also help you design your own innovative campaign and also suggest an out of the box idea on various use cases of  OneRing.

Do you provide any tool for A/B testing for my campaign?

Yes. We have introduced a unique feature called “Page Break” of your campaign. You can insert multiple page breaks during the different legs of your campaign and compare the performance.

Do I need to download any software of App to use OneRing?

No, One Ring is a web-based platform and can be accessed from any corner of the world. All you need an internet enabled device and a web browser

Do I get a dedicated number for my campaign?

Yes, you get a cloud-based dedicated number for your campaign.

Do you charge any setup fee for using OneRing?

No. We do not charge an setup fee. We have pay as you go model. You can start with a basic plan and renew it as per your requirement.

What is channel or channel ID?

Your unique dedicated number is called  channel.

Does OneRing uses cheap GSM modem for hosting mobile numbers?

No. We do not use GSM modem. GSM modem can only process 1 call at a time and other callers will get a busy tone during simultaneous calling. Though this solution is very cheap, but we do not compromise in the quality of service. All our services are on Virtual Number platform, where you will not face this kind of bottleneck. Moreover we have redundant automatic failure cluster configured using our proprietary technology to ensure high availability and maximum uptime.

How much have I need to pay to buy a Miss Call Number?

Check out our Pricing page Here

What is the validity of my Toll Free miss call number?

The validity of your Toll-Free-Number depends upon the plan you purchase. You can always increase validity of your plan at any point of time before expiry of your campaign.

How many virtual toll free numbers we can purchase at a time?

We do not impose any limit, as long as you have a justified reason.

I have an existing Toll Free number which is terminated on our landline. I liked OneRing platform, can we forward our Toll Free number to your platform to keep the ownership of my number ?

Yes. We call it bring your number.

Will I get any discount if I bring my number to OneRing?

No. Because, forwarding your number will ultimately engage one of our channels. However you will have the privilege of ownership of your number.

Is it mandatory to use your service after registration?

We understand the term ‘liberty’ and hence, do not bind our client to use our services for any said period of time. You can stop using our services whenever you wish to do so. To do so, you need to drop a mail at support@onering.in informing us about your unwillingness to continue your account.

What is security of your website?

Special attention is given to the security aspects. Our website is SSL enabled. Apart from this we do not share your information with any third party as per our privacy policy. Also, we keep on updating our website-security from time to time.

What are the information available for viewing about our campaign ?

We provide online web interface to monitor and record the response of your online campaign in real time along with GEO-Location of the caller(s) i.e Telecom Circle and Operator with data accuracy of about 99%. You can also configure your account settings to get a carbon copy of your missed call number information to your email ID or mobile phone or even post the data to your own CRM through web hook REST API.

I am not able to find the registration link.

Please Click here

Do you offer any technical Support?

Yes, we have a dedicated 24X7 in-house team to look after all your technical issues. For Technical support write us at support@onering.in. We resolve every query and issue in shortest possible time. However in certain circumstances we need to depend on telecom resources provided by third party Telecom Operator to resolve any network related issue.

Can I send a reply/welcome SMS, on every missed call registered on my Toll Free number?

Yes, there is a facility provided in the Activity Settings to send reply SMS after any missed call received on your toll free number.

Few companies offer unlimited missed call, why OneRing does not provide same?

Unlimited means infinite, which has no significance in technical term.  Few companies offer unlimited calls but provide only single channel for communication. If we draw an analogy, it is similar to having a pile of gold in next room, but having a narrow finger size hole to get it.

I am planning to organize a vast campaign. Is your OneRing service is capable enough to record massive response of the people in form of Miss Calls?

Yes, OneRing is capable of handling high volume responses on its distributed telephony architecture. This is our USP.

Do you provide any option to black-list any circle/operator or individual number?

Yes, we have an option for very extensive black-list configuration settings. Entire circle or specific operator in a particular circle can be configured as black-list.  An individual number can also be configured in black-list settings.

Do you provide any SPAM filter for my campaign?

Yes, we have our own SPAM filter algorithm in place. Apart from this, individual campaigns can also be configured for custom SPAM rules from Settings menu.

How to renew my existing OneRing campaign?

Your existing campaign can be renewed from your ‘user dashboard’. You will find an option to renew the campaign.

Is it possible to track the Geo-Location of the caller(S) using OneRing?

Yes, in the back end control panel, you can have entire information about the missed calls you received along with Geo-Location of the caller(s).

Can we integrate OneRing with our own CRM ?

Yes, you can. However, we have a choice to use inbuilt CRM of OneRing.

Can we make a call directly from your CRM to our campaign leads (callers) ?

Yes. You can create agents with their phone numbers in our system and they can directly originate a call with just a mouse click.

How we can manage our leads from your CRM?

All you need is create one or more sub-users (sub-accounts). Every sub-user can be assigned with a set of leads out of the campaign data. Subsequently sub-user can login to their account from any device and can originate calls, send SMS / email to the prospects/leads and also manage disposition of the call.  Admin can have an advance filter to monitor all the activities at a single location.

Can we filter duplicate numbers?

Yes.  You can also create your custom SPAM policy to treat duplicate or repeated call from same number in day.

Can we automate call back service from OneRing user panel?

Yes. You can configure an action for a campaign to trigger a voice call and play a predefined mp3 file.

How many agents and Sub-users we can create?

You can contact your account manager.

Do you send us any notifications against missed calls?

Yes but it is optional. You can create your own auto reply SMS triggers, Callback voice file, Callback IVR. You can also forward a copy of missed call information to your email/mobile.

Do you notify us when our missed call or SMS credit balance goes down?

Yes. We send system generated alerts when your Missed-call /SMS balance goes down below a threshold. You can define your threshold limit in profile section.

What is Missed call to IVR?

Missed call to IVR is a new optional feature added by OneRing recently.  An IVR is triggered to the caller when any missed call is received from any number. Such services are useful for NGO in conducting IVR based surveys, without putting any burden to the end-user. Call gets disconnected and an IVR is triggered immediately on same number.

Is it possible to received hits on my server/ webpage/ database?

Yes. We provide web hook API with advance configurable options. You can parse the web-hook request and write your own business logic.

I did not find my question on your FAQ list.

Kindly mail us all your queries or suggestions at support@onering.in. We will be happy to serve you better.

What will be the caller ID in Voice call back/ IVR call back ?

Caller ID is the number displayed on called number.