Case Study:


Bookmybai is India’s largest online aggregator of maid bureaus, an online marketplace to find maids on real time, which is the latest initiative and step taken by the management for eliminating the problem of finding blue and grey collared workers


Bookmybai has adopted unconventional and innovative methods to generate interest and awareness of a concept of a job portal among the blue and grey collared skilled and unskilled labor who were till-date uninformed of such a product.

At current stage, bookmybai uses various tactics to manage the data of the customer who needs the maid for their personal household works, it becomes a hectic task for the executives to remember each and every requirement and to maintain different versions of spreadsheet files for their team members., hence this task becomes complicated and also it also includes large number of formalities which makes this activity very deliberated.


After a short survey of the top organization, Bookmybai gave this special Task to Onering. The challenge for us was to provide a more flexible solution, which allows maintaining the data systematically.

To fix such infirmity, Integration of a new cloud telephony system such as a missed call service can be beneficial enough with certain value additions.

Through missed call service activities, maids get plenty of job offers and they can also apply for the jobs available with a few simple steps.

A missed call service can generate enough leads for a recruitment of the maid’s in for any family to fulfill their urgent requirement.

  • As miscall is received it gets disconnected after OneRing.
  • The system would recognize the telecom circle where the call is coming from and an auto-confirmation SMS in their regional language sent to the user.
  • And last, the caller’s number gets stored in the database.

A customer executive receives a detailed missed call report consisting of the data to initiate a revert call back by using the innovative feature “Call To Action” in which the executive call’s on the caller number to understand his requirements / Concerns.

Then a personal interview is conducted to ascertain the right maid meeting the requirements of the customer and gather enough feedback of that candidate & then initiate conversation with family after multiple levels of questioning about their requirement to the final step of selection & feedback

The solution proves that it is an easy choice to provide their customer to get connected with right people by opting a shorter path.


  1. Engagement level has witnessed an increase up to 10 times with missed call alert services.
  2. Data accuracy has been increased up to 70%.
  3. Conversion ratio has increased by 45%, by satisfying the customer needs.
  4. Lead assignment process has become smooth.