Case Study : Kaigal Services


Kaigal is a social enterprise that aims to organize the unorganized blue-collar jobs sector and it is meant to provide a unique platform for unskilled/low skilled workers to find better employment opportunities and for businesses to employ blue-collar workers at ease.


Being one of the top HR consultancies in Tamil Nadu, Kaigal wanted to ensure the optimum job seekers engagement for bringing blue-collar workers to them for better job opportunities they provide. The existing technology was unable to effectively handle the call inundation.

It was undetermined towards the required capability and feature as per managing the count of job seekers. Every detail was forwarded to them manually and it was difficult for the executives and supervisors to manage the data and the calls and registrations from the job seekers.
There was an urgent requirement of the best-unified solution that could make the entire process automated.


To support its technology-focused strategy, Kaigal needed a robust technology that would help them connect the job seekers directly for the best job opportunity, Kaigal identified OneRing.
OneRing Team mapped out process incitement, and provided the solution, which made the client capability future-ready; the entire solution was implemented on a single set up making it really easy to manage.

On dialing the virtual number, the call with getting disconnected after a ring. The job seeker will get an auto-reply SMS with the registration link, the solution provided real-time information.

A GUI based customized reporting was provided so that executives and the supervisors could access relevant information. OneRing was able to produce the very key insights to Kaigal with help of its detailed reporting capabilities like caller number, date and time, operator, geographic location, etc.

Through the OneRing job seekers got an opportunity to connect with Kaigal services, and made it easy to get the best job opportunities for them.


The advantage of the facility is that there is no charge for the calls and the interested people will receive the information immediately after the missed call.

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