Missed Call To IVR

Give your customers Privilege of providing inputs to Missed-calls

Missed Call To IVR

Missed-call to IVR is unique feature offered by OneRing. It gives your customer a chance to interact more in return of missed-call.


Zero cost to Customers

In normal IVR scenario customers need to pay if they call any company number. But with a Missed call to IVR, a customer can simply shoot missed call and in auto-reply, he/she will receive a callback. After getting call-back customer can provide input for desired services.

Authentic Survey and Feedback

Surveys and feedback are very important for any business. With the help of this feature, the process becomes foolproof as the system receives inputs directly from customers. No spamming, The data will be captured and stored for future campaigns.

Dont make your customers wait

With a normal missed-call campaign customers need to wait to receive call back or any response from the company. But with Missed-call to IVR customer can press input and it will let them talk to appropriate agents. This will make operations easy for the organization.

One panel for many use

Using different panels for Missed-call and IVR can complicate operations and data management. It will also make customer conversations difficult to handle. By using Missed-call to IVR feature everything can be managed under one roof.

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