Missed Call To CRM

Offer Better Customer Experience

Missed Call To CRM

Missed call dashboard with inbuild CRM integration


Generate Better customer Insights

By integrating it with CRM Get all the customer insights from Missed call panel. And analyze all the trends, patterns and customer data for future conversation. You don’t need to remember previous conversations when next time customer is taking interest in your Missed-call campaign.

Lead management

Segmentation of Hot, cold and warm leads will be managed by the same panel. Record the Follow-up details and set reminders for the same. Move across sales stages by changing leads into customers or not interested. Make things easy for sales executives

Campaign Management

Manage all your missed call campaign and analyze which campaign is performing better and which is not. Design better campaigns for future product placement and better customer engagement. Managing campaigns was never easy before

Customer Data

All the customer data will be stored in a single panel including location, transactions, customer complaint interaction, customer service interactions. Incase of any dispute the data will be handy to provide better services to clients

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