SMS Blast


In the world of competition, along with being unique and best it is also important for a brand that the audience always remember it. To remind the audience repeatedly about its specialties, qualities, trust worthiness and turn them into a loyal customer is necessary. To turn any customer into a loyal one or to make new customers, it is very important to remind them about the brand. Regular follow ups and reminders work efficiently for this.

But if the target audience is it mass market, then it gets difficult to take follow up of each and every one of them. Here is where the reminder system works. At the same time, personalized marketing is also something that cannot be forgotten to give a special feel to every customer of the mass target audience. Taking all this into consideration, some fastest and simplest way is needed to reach the target customers. And the fastest way to reach any person in the country after a phone call is considered to be an SMS. No internet connection problem, no need of an android phone, very easy to handle and can reach and every corner of the world. SMS is a general text message sent on a mobile phone that can be used in various ways which has today become a well-known method of marketing.

Same way to inform the customers anything regarding a brand is considered to address them exclusive. So what if a brand can reach all its audience, all its customers at the same time through the easiest way i.e. an SMS.

SMS blast is the service that helps a brand reach unlimited number of its audience to convey the message. Basically, it is bulk text message sent to a huge number of users with the help of an automated text messaging system. Generally the SMS sent on mobile phone through the regular phone number is very costly. Sending a promotional SMS to a large audience can really cost a bomb. The SMS blast facility can really be one of the cheapest ways of promotion.

SMS is also considered as one of the successful advertising and marketing ways. In the fast world today, no one can spare too much time for a single advertise. But with an SMS and up-to the point message, can be sent to the audience. Hence increasing the number of the message readers. By sending the offers, schemes, new discounts and sales, informing about new products, etc. may also help a brand regain its old customers along with the new ones.

Suppose a company is a startup. It will get difficult for it to share all the information about it to the audience in a fast way. But with an SMS blast if the company frames some nice and catchy tagline along with the link to its social media account in the same message, then the message will reach to a huge audience. From there they can know more about company as well; like the location of the company, its timing, its accomplishment and achievement, positive feedback from other customers-basically, i.e. anything that can portray the image of the company.

Not only this, there are brands having sale or discounts in different periods of the year. An SMS can make the brand can reach all of its audience in few seconds informing them about this schemes and sales. Also if short noticed sales’ are arranged then an SMS is the fastest way to reach an audience. Again by sending such regular reminder messages to the audience about the brands update will keep the audience connected to it. So when a person has to buy something, that brand will be the first striking into his mind.

Mostly when event takes place there are possibilities that one may forget about it because of some work or busy schedule. In this case, just a reminder SMS can help him recall about the event and he can make his presence. This proves as one of the best ways to reach the audience for the event planners as well.

For some new application is launched in the market it’s difficult for people to know about it very soon. The expense of advertising to reach the target audience will cost high. But a small SMS with a great content and the link of the application download can make it reach to unlimited people. An SMS blast can reach and make this possible in very less expense and less time. Any changes into any business can be informed to the customers by SMS blast.

In all these scenarios, OneRing helps you connect better. The SMS blast service by OneRing makes you reach all of your unlimited incoming leads in the easiest way. But what if the SMS delivery fails? What if your message takes too long to deliver? Here is a solution, OneRing SMS blast service provides with 99% of successful delivery rate. Along with the fastest reach, know status of the message just in few seconds. OneRing also provides with the unique five letters sender ID to the brand. The brand can always connect as a name and mention its identity. Thus the service can help the marketers reach grand number of audience effortlessly. This can turn any promotional campaign into a great success “reach the audience on mark”.