How Banks & Financial Institute Leverages OneRing Missed Call Services

With the introduction of many small-medium banks in the Indian financial echo system, it has become imperative for banks to adopt the latest technology trends. It helps them to ensure maximum customer delight and also gives them an edge over their competitors in this era of cut-throat competition. Banks have continuously leveraged cloud telephony platforms over the past several years for the convenience of their customers. Through Missed Call Solution, customers can easily connect with the bank without any call charges.

Do you know how banks & financial institutes leveraged missed call platforms? Here are the ways through which banks could advantage from the missed call service.


  • Provide Bank Account Detail Via Missed Call To your Customer – Many people in India are not tech savvy, for them to know their account detail through the internet is tough and for customers, it is not possible to visit a branch for their every need as a result, customer look for more convenient ways to get there bank account detail. By leveraging missed call solutions customers can get easy access to their bank account detail.

Example: To check a bank balance give a missed call to 91XXXXXXXX56


  • Effortless verification and activation process – A missed call service is a preferable option for verification & activation because it works with all types of phones and does not require an active internet. Consumers just have to give missed calls from their registered mobile number for further process of activation services.


Example: When getting a new ATM card, cardholders can confirm their identity by placing a missed call from their registered number.


  • Getting authentic leads and planning marketing campaigns- Banks may keep track of interested and engaged leads by using missed calls with CRM. Through missed call platform banks can capture the user’s mobile number and develop customer data based which provides the region-wise or state-wise response of the campaign that will eventually help in planning a future marketing campaign such as FASTAG, new credit card launch, open bank account.


Example: Give a missed call to open a bank account. Organizations come to know most of the missed calls for opening an account are coming from Mumbai and Vadodara so they can lane to target this region for the future campaign.


Missed call service is an efficient medium of communication for banks and their customers. This service potentially reaches a larger group of clients by requiring less in the sense of the infrastructure and can serve both urban and rural locations.

Check out how leading banks such as ICICI Bank leverage Missed Call Solution for their FASTAG Campaign: ICICI fastag campaign 


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