Geo Location Tracking


Nowadays, customers need more relevant and personalized information to meet their specific needs. No matter if the device used is a phone, tablet, any internet device, this has become a necessity. One of the most powerful feature for this kind of mobile marketing is geo location tracking. Basically geo location is the identification of the real world and real time geographic location of any computer device or any user. This is mostly done through data collection mechanism. There are various methods through which geo location of a user can be found like GPS, cell ID, Wi-Fi, Mac addresses, IP addresses, or Bluetooth. Mostly, services like network routing addresses or internal GPS devices are used to locate a device or a person using it.

Geo location tracking has really made it easier for the companies to send more accurate information in less time as per the requirement of user. So that the visitors find the relevant information faster. The location tracking also helps the user maintain his security in the matters of financial services, also it helps know the preferences of the user about different products and services. Just like, the cookies acceptance on any website tracks the location of the user as well. For an example, Amazon will show you only the products which are available to your location for deliver. Also when you put your delivery address, it automatically accesses your device location and auto fills the information like pin code, region, state, etc. This way knowing the geo location of any device can help the customer obtain more relevant information about search or requirement, particularly available for his are or location. Hence this saves a lot of time of the users.

Now, whenever any product campaign is run throughout the country, the effectiveness and response of the campaign has to be checked. The data or the response gathered from all over the country at once can make it to determine the results of the campaign. Segmentations or filtrations can make it very easy to analyse the results obtained. Now the segmentations can be done in different ways like the region wise segmentation or the segmentation through real time data.

The region wise filtration can help know the effectiveness of the campaign in different parts of the country. This will help know the pain areas of the campaign, the places where it is low responsive. This can help to determine if more awareness is required in those areas or any more promotions are to be done.

Also many a times in a product campaign there are possibilities of receiving spam calls in a huge number. These spam calls can deteriorate the accuracy of the campaign results. Determining the information about them may get crucial from the overall results. If the information about these calls is received with the filtration like the region wise information and specially from the real time data then it may get very easy to filter these spam calls so that for the actions can be taken upon it. Through geo location tracking this can be done effortlessly.

When a campaign is run there may be possibilities to receive abundant numbers of responses/calls at a particular time or hour of the day in this case it gets difficult to determine the peak hours of running campaign. In such case it gets necessary to have the real time data of particular regions to narrow down the results more accurately.

OneRing provides with one of its very effective and special feature in which the region wise segmentation report of the campaign along with the real time data can be observed with no efforts.

• The geo chart helps know the region wise or state wise response of the campaign in the simplest form of the map of the country.
• The report also provides with the filter showing the real time and date of the each and every call received in the campaign.
• The circle wise statistics data present in the system shows the effectiveness of the campaign in the different regions in the form of pie chart.
• Also an operator wise, pie chart view is provided to determine the number of users calling from the maximum and minimum operators. So that the response rate of which operator can be identified.

All these exclusive features by OneRing help running a campaign more successfully with the most positive obtained results. This service can help all the industries of the India get more accurate and specific results for the campaign, so that the users can have more personalize and relevant information. This increases the possibility of adding more valuable potential customers for the company through the campaign.