How Automobile Sector Is Utilizing Missed Call Campaigns In Lead Generation?

Missed call campaigns have emerged as one of the most effective ways to reach out to prospective customers. Automobile dealers and marketers can leverage missed call campaigns to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales as 68% of customers preferred to communicate with dealers via phone. In this blog post, we are going to share some useful tips on how you can optimize your missed call campaign for success in the automobile sector.


Define an appropriate approach for a missed call campaign

While creating an approach for a missed call, you have to keep in mind the purpose of the campaign. 

If the campaign is to create awareness about your brand, you can create an approach like “Give a missed call on 98XXXXXX12 to know more about a new car launch”. So when interested customers give a missed call they will get  information about the new launch car through SMS.  44% of customer calls or give missed calls to get more information

And if your campaign objective is to make your customer take action then you can design an offer like “Give a missed call to book an appointment with a sales executive and get a free test drive”.


Use geo-filters and geo-tracking

Automobile marketers can use geo-tracking options to further narrow down your customers. Through the previous campaign, marketers can Know where your customers are calling from, so marketers can  plan the  marketing campaigns according to regions for maximum ROI. 

And through geo-filters marketers can select a particular city or location of your choice. Be cautious while using the geo-filters while creating a campaign. You don’t want to end up excluding your target audience from the campaign.

Have a follow-up action in place after the missed call

Automobile dealers and marketers have to prepare a proper follow- up action plan as driving phone leads is only half of the battle. ROI also depends on the sales agent to convert the leads into revenue, in this process they require assistance from a good CRM platform which needs to be user friendly.


OneRing not only captures the number of the interested customer but it also provides CRM integration from where managing the leads becomes easy and it also has geo-tracking and geo-filter features that assist the Automobile dealers and marketers to reach their right audience or customers.


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