Case Study : MPL & Missing Link Trust


Mobile Premier League (MPL) is the world’s leading mobile eSports platform that allows users to participate in free as well as paid competitions across 60+ games in multiple categories, including fantasy sports, sports games, puzzle, casual and board games.

Missing Link Trust is a nonprofit organization that uses art and educational campaigns to raise awareness and prevent child sex trafficking.


What is #SaveOurMissingGirls campaign and its challenges?

 Recently, MPL onboarded Missing, an app created by Missing Link Trust, an NGO that blends art and technology to raise public awareness about human trafficking. The interactive game, in which the player takes on the role of a trafficked girl in India, aims to give players an understanding of what it’s like to go missing after being trafficked into the terrible and inhumane world of human trafficking, where millions of girls disappear each year.

MPL launched the #SaveOurMissingGirls campaign to spread awareness and educate the audience about the menace of human trafficking. They wanted maximum countrymen to participate and take the pledge to save our missing girls by providing that the real life experience of a trafficked victim by playing a game called “MISSING Game”. This is where a need for the advance people engagement platform raised.



 To meet its requirements, MPL chose missed call number campaign Via OneRing Missed Call Solution. Missed call Number is a unique and creative engaging tool that assists in better customer engagement.

Audiences who wanted to participate in this campaign gave the missed call and they got the acknowledge SMS with the smart link that will redirect them to MISSING Game.

The biggest advantage of missed call campaign is that it is completely free for the callers and works on all types of phone. This is why missed calls are one the easiest and effective means of engaging.


Take Away:

  • It was a successful missed call campaign which helped MPL in increasing the overall engagement which boosted awareness on this critical social curse.
  • It was easy to advertise and publish it across platforms such as print media, social media, etc.
  • Overall growth in percentage of participation and gameplay on MPL platform.

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