How recruitment consultancies are using OneRing Missed call solutions?

Job consultancy in India has come a long way. They are the one stop shop for any kind of job requirement act as a bridge between job seekers and corporate companies. Over 700,000 consulting firms offer recruitment services in almost every area of business today. The already competitive consulting market is getting much more crowded, so to win a larger market segment in a highly competitive marketplace, they must work smartly. As a result, they frequently look for quick and affordable communication solutions to easily connect and engage their client.


Many consultancy firms prefer the missed call solution for the following reasons.


  • Quick, convenient and automated user registrations are possible with this system in place.
  • It enables the consultancy firm to measure a campaign’s performance across diverse channels based on the missed calls received from each campaign through a live dashboard.
  • Establishing communication in the clients’ native language through Unicode automated SMS reply.


Ways consultancy firms uses missed call solution


  • Clients registration and subscription – Consultancy firms publish missed call number for job seekers to register. Auto reply with registration link will be sent to them and registration is done. It can avoid complications and save a lot of time.
  • Conduct polls and surveys – It is now much easier for businesses to conduct surveys and polls. If a participant agrees with the question posed, they can simply make a missed call on the given number.
  • Opt-in new user – Consultancy firms can publish a Toll-Free number and request the Job seeker to give a missed call for being a part of an opt-in list, for example if they want the update about the new job then they can opt-in for that list through missed call.
  • Opt-out existing user – Ones the job seeker got the job, they can opt-out from the list just by giving missed call
  • Encourage app downloads – Consultancy firms use missed call service to encourage the clients and job seekers to download their application. Ones they give the missed call they get the welcoming message with an app link which encourages them to download.
  • Conducting an entry level test – Consultancy firms, to match the criteria with the job profile they do the the entry level test through missed call. Job seekers just have to make a missed call to give a test.


Missed call solution is a simple way for a consultancy firm to look for the job seeker and match with the client requirements or criteria.

Check out how Kaigal a job consultancy firm utilized OneRing Missed Call Services: Kailgal case study 

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