Impact Of Missed Call Solution In Real-estate


Real estate is a very competitive industry where agents spend hours of every day looking for new leads. They often rely on cold calling or sending out emails to generate new prospects. This method has proven to be effective, but it has its own limitations, especially when organizations are short of hands.


Employing a new individual requires time, effort and monetary investment. Here are the few challenges that real-estate agents face in conversion of potential leads into customers.

  • Inadequate in handling large volumes of calls
  • No proper management of data set and regular follow up with leads.
  • Reaching out large numbers of audience at once.
  • Tracking ROI of marketing campaigns


In this scenario, cloud based missed call solutions can help real estate agents in enhancing the customer communication. It is a hassle-free and cost-effective system which facilitates communication between businesses and consumers using voice and SMS-based cloud services.


Following are the ways Real-Estate uses the missed call solution for improving customer engagement.


  1. Booking Appointment – The site visit is a significant consumer and seller interaction where the purchase decision is made. So interested prospects can book appointments for site visits by giving missed calls.


  1. Providing basic information – Missed calls solution can be used by the real estate company to share the basic inquiry to customers through SMS and voice automation. For example a buyer wants the information about ABC real-estate company such as amenities, availability, price, location, etc. So when buyers give a missed call ABC company can share their brochure through auto SMS reply.


  1. Managing after working hours calls – Typical real estate agencies are open during the weekdays from a certain hour, say 10 AM to 8 PM due to which potential customers cannot reach the real estate company after hours, this results in the decline in customer engagement. Through missed calls, customers can give missed calls whenever it is most convenient for them and can get basic information. The real estate business won’t ever lose a lead as a result of an official shutdown


Reliability and affordability of Missed Call Solution had made the service promising in the real estate sector. Additionally, the Missed Call Solution offers more options to track marketing campaigns and give better insight of customer behavior  through CRM Dashboard.

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