Learn how EPABX is thing of past after evolution of cloud telephony

EPABX , a technology widely used until early 2000s, is now a thing of past. The reason behind it, is an innovative smart alternative called cloud telephony. There are many reasons why cloud telephony has proved to be a game changer in replacing the traditional wired EPBX systems. Here are few of them.


Zero Capex: Capital expenditure is an important aspect for any business. Apart from the recurring costs, overall one time setup cost of a basic EPABX can be in lacs where in cloud telephony solutions does not involve any capital or upfront investment. It works on subscription-based model. So you can just pay as you go.


Scalability: Cloud telephony is capable to scaling at any time. It’s unique cloud-based infrastructure can handle high call traffic efficiently without any service disruption. While in EPABX we all have observed a long call waiting queues during pick hours.


Cost effective: Having the entire setup on cloud, cloud telephony offers a cost-effective solution compared to EPABX as it does not include need for physical devices, cabling etc. You can save a lot of money if you move to cloud from EPABX.


Feature Rich: Cloud telephony is a unique blend of technology and intelligent features. A feature like after hour call management can ensure you aren’t missing potential leads outside of your working hours. Few other catchy features are call recording, out bound dialing, number masking, intelligent routing etc.


Easy to implement & Manage: Unlike EPABX, cloud telephony offers you a hassle-free quick implementation of the system along with a centralized dashboard to manage all your calls. Many cloud telephony providers claim that they can setup an entire cloud-based communication system in less than 15 minutes. That’s super quick!


Highly Reliable: All the businesses around have a primary objective of customer delight but most of them fail to do so. Do you know why? It is the hesitation in adoption of new things that results into poor customer service. But with Cloud telephony you can always keep your customer at the center of your business. The intelligent routing technology has helped immensely in achieving highest service uptime & superior quality. This has proven to be a masterstroke when it comes to customer delight.


Analytics & Reporting: One of the major benefit of cloud telephony is, it has a robust back end engine which generates some real time analytics and reporting for you. Just login in the dashboard and you will be able to track all the communications. For e.g. an insight like a region from where you are getting maximum of inquiries, or a specific time duration in which you get maximum support calls. Such insights can help you plan your marketing campaigns very efficiently.

There are many cloud telephony service providers in the market. Onering.in is a renowned brand in this segment having more than 1000+ users. Switch to cloud now!


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