Benefits of adopting OneRing’s missed call solution for Startups & SMEs

Today, there are 150 million startups worldwide, and 50 million new ones are founded each year. Every day, on average, 137,000 companies are formed. But the question remains, how many startups tend to survive in this fierce competition. They struggle with issues including restricted access to financing, a lack of databases, low R&D spending, underdeveloped sales channels, and low levels of financial inclusion.

SMEs and startups have to find innovative ways to survive & grow in this red ocean. OneRing has come up with a Missed Call Solution that will address these issues. A consumer reaches you easily and for free by using your missed call service. They only need to leave you a missed call to indicate their interest and you will have a record of their phone number that you may use to get in touch with them again through SMS, IVR call, or phone call.

Following are the benefits of using OneRing’s missed call solution.

Generate qualified leads Qualified leads increase the chances of potential customers and, as a result, have the potential to multiply revenues exponentially. Filtering leads can be a time-consuming process, but missed calls automate this process for you and it can also strengthen the sales channels as they have a feature of assigning the leads to the agent, so leads are managed effectively.

Customers pay nothing – Missed call solutions enable your customers to interact with your brand for free. Isn’t this how it should be? You want customers to interact with your company, not the other way around. So, why should they? This also contributes to brand credibility in the marketplace.

Simple and quick setup – Simply secure a number for your missed call solutions and begin your campaigns. Everything else is handled by the simple online portal. Do not require huge investment for setup.

Increase customer engagement – Encourage customer engagement through simple and easy participation through missed call solutions. You can gain insights from your customers by conducting the most recent polls or quizzes and it also provides the customer data such as  location, transactions, customer complaint interaction, customer service interactions.

Measure your success – Examine the progress of your campaigns using the detailed analytics provided by OneRing missed call solution. Evaluate the success of your campaigns and make changes to your marketing strategies as needed. OneRing provide you with a smart dashboard that provide real-time analysis.


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