4 Reason why Missed Call Is Best Tool For Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the process of interacting with customers through a variety of
channels in order to strengthen the relationship between the brand and the customer.

For several businesses, the customer relationship process begins with the primary interaction and extends beyond the point of purchase. Companies can engage with customers via social media, email, websites, community forums, or the other space where they are communicating or consuming content.

Missed call solution is an innovative tool for businesses to strengthen customer engagement. When prospective clients give a dial on the number that has been published by the company, it terminates after one ring and is then contacted through other mediums of communication. Missed call solutions then automate the communication via Auto SMS reply, an agent’s call, or an IVR message.

4 Reason Why Brand Use Missed Call Solution As a Tool For Customer Engagement

Lead Management – General CTA Tools generate 4x of leads but out of them 3x are not
Verified leads. Through Missed call, Business can capture 100% verified leads and the
time spent on filtering verified leads by the management, will be saved by missed call

Data Collection – Easy and effortlessly you can collect data about products and
services through surveys and feedback. Getting your clients loaded with long forms
and keeping the database for the same is a confusing process. So through
missed call brands can identify the market trends and customer behavior.

Campaign Management – Missed Call tool can be used in all types of channels such as
print media , TV, or on the social Media platform and reach to the maximum audiences.
Management can run two different campaigns from the same number and measure which is
performing better.

Generate Better Customer Insight – Missed call solutions easily sync with CRM. By
integrating it with CRM, get all the customer insights from the Missed call panel. This is one of the best ways to maintain and manage good relationships with customers, track marketing, sales lead, and pipeline and deliver functional and practical data.

Opt-In/Out Of List – If brands are not sure what updates the customers want, brands can ask customers to opt in or opt out through missed calls, depending on your customer & preferences. Opt-in eliminates spam registrations, saving time and effort.

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