Learn how to start with missed call marketing

Not everyone is able to generate creative marketing campaigns with high ROI and low cost. But people who are doing it, are using unique tools which are utilized by consumers on everyday basis.

And missed call falls into same category. Missed call service has been used as coded language to communicate, marketing and customer engagement in India.

And because of these reasons it is gaining popularity ammissed call marketingong the best brands and top marketers.

Recently there has been a big leap shown by enterprise houses to adopt a missed call service to promote their business and brand.

OYO Rooms  and Quikr has recently adopted missed call platform to promote hot deals and local searches in the local city.  ICICI Bank has already started using Missed call for lead generation.  We have also seen in the past, reality shows like Dance India Dance (DID), using Missed call for voting for their respective viewers.

Recently  Onering (Missed call service provider) has finished a campaign with Cognizant  for their event.

The trend shows that the tagline missed call attracts people to put an attention to any product or service. Missed call service in India, has been able to attract the customers from every corner of India.

How Does Missed call marketing work?

A missed call is used for vast applications including lead generation, mobile engagement, customer service, opt-in and many more.

Step 1: Choose a Virtual Number

When brands opt for missed call service or missed call marketing, they get a virtual number for their particular campaign. These numbers can be Toll-free, Mobile number and landline numbers according to campaign requirements.

These numbers are provided by Missed call service providers like Onering.in

Step 2: Get Incoming Leads

Once they get a virtual number for their campaigns, the next thing is to publish it in front of the target audience. Organizations publish these numbers in advertisements, company website and every promotional campaign currently going on.

By setting up attractive offers or discounts brands engage consumers. For example “Give a Missed call and Get discount”, “Give a missed call and win prices or Give a missed call and register for next event.

Here are some ways missed call numbers are used to generate leads.

Step 3: Store customer data in a dashboard

When consumers start calling on the virtual number, all the data is stored in the smart dashboard. Details like Mobile number, operator and region will be captured.

With CRM integration this can be a lethal analytical tool to observe consumer behavior. This will give better idea for which customer regions to target for particular products.

Step 4: Remarketing

After a successful missed call campaign, these data are used for remarking. Brands use these data to send updates about products or upcoming events.

Remarketing can be done via tools like bulk sms service and voice calls. This way brands makes consumer to remember them. It also reduces switching rates as consumer is engaged with particular brand.

Recently Onering included 1800 series numbers and customized mobile numbers into the system as the requirement differs from client to client.

Onering has also developed a mechanism where the client can use their existing 1800 series toll-free number or any mobile number to host on existing platform.

In short, this can manage your numbers as well. Onering’s state of art control panel takes care of all the leads, storing and forwarding it to your database etc.

And the best thing about missed call marketing is it provides highest ROI and there is no cost to customers to reach any business. One Missed call, many uses.