How a Missed Call Alert Service Can be Crucial for Your Customer Engagement?

Although customer engagement is critical, it is a successful strategy when your customers can reach you, easily. Successful customer engagement is defined in terms of how streamlined and simple that interaction is for your customers.

With technology innovation, it is important to make customer engagement simpler than ever – one of the ways to easily connect with your customers or prospects could be missed call alert services.

After all the ingenious uses that have been figured out by individuals, businesses have also realized how missed calls could be used to help connect in a better way with customers. It creates a mechanism for the customer to interact with the business, without needing to spend from their pocket for doing so. Here are some ways in which businesses are using missed calls.

How is missed call alert service effective more than an IVR or a Toll-Free Number?

One of the major benefits that a missed call alert service offers is that it eradicates the call waiting time that customers usually experience over an IVR call or Toll-Free number. They can simply give your missed call on your virtual number and their details are automatically tracked for you to call them back.

Since missed call alert services eradicate the waiting time for a customer, it creates the sentiment of a high-value customer relationship.

For instance, Axis securities opted for OneRing’s Missed call alert services that helped them define their customer experience and upselling their recent offers.

Missed Call Campaigns can be used for:

  • Lead Generation Activities: Missed call alert services/campaigns work best for your business when you do not want to spend too much on digital advertising platforms. You can simply reach out to your prospects personally on their cell phones and generate valid leads for fruitful business conversions.
  • Receiving Consumer Feedback: One of the interesting features that missed call alert services offer is to run a customer feedback survey. You can simply run a missed call campaign to know how your customers feel about your product or service. All you need to do is run an SMS campaign asking to give a missed call on the number specified on the message to express either like or dislike about your service. It’s that simple.
  • Upgrading or Upselling services: If you recently launched an app of your service, then a missed call marketing campaign is the only way for reaching out to customers. You can simply send out an SMS to your targeted database and ask them to receive an app download link by giving a missed call on your number. It is that simple!
  • Engagement for votes/support a cause: If you are a part of a political campaign or an NGO, missed call alert services can do wonders for you. Ever received an SMS that asks you to give a missed call if you support the political party or to donate funds to an NGO? Yes, that is exactly what is being addressed here. You can do the same to increase your supporters’ base for your political leadership or arranging volunteers for your NGO cause.
  • Weeding out unnecessary customers: At times, SMS marketing can cause distress in customers as repeated promotional SMSes may not be liked by your customers. Therefore, it is suggested to give out an opt-out option to help them unsubscribe for your promotional messages.

Missed call alert services are not only an intelligent way to interact with your prospects or customers, but it also helps you figure out channels of mobile marketing and communication. OneRing is one of the leading missed call alert service providers in India that have catered to industry giants in the market and has helped them increase their business revenue with its unique missed call alert services.

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