Everything you need to know about missed call service

Before we start let me tell you this is not just another post about missed call service. We are going to learn some very important thing in this missed call service guide which will actually make a difference in your businesses.

This guide will teach you everything about missed call service and how it can be beneficial to your businesses.

With live examples and case studies, you will know how big brands like TATA, Axis, OLA uses missed call service. itt also reveals some key strategies that will help you to build your own interactive missed call campaign.

So, without wasting much time let’s get started.

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Section: 1: What is missed call solution

Missed call is a very generic word; which defines “A call that gets disconnect without answered.


What is missed call as “Service ” and how it can be useful to your business?

When we miss a call on our phone; we get an auto-reply SMS from operator of who the caller was. Similarly business can use this solution more profoundly to help their customers by sending variety of autoreply.

Let’s say you run a restaurant business; now you can use missed call service to let your customer book a table by just giving you a missed call and in return, you send him/her autoreply on confirmation.

But you are thinking about how you can do this?

Don’t worry we are here for you to help you out.

At OneRing we build mobile engagement Platform that covers all the requirements of missed call service.

With a feature like Geolocation Tracking, CRM Integration and A/B split testing; businesses not just Leverage missed call service but also get a full insight of their campaign.

How to create missed call campaign?

To create an interactive missed call campaign you need to get a toll free number or a virtual number, after getting the number you need to publish it in your marketing campaign.

For Example, you can publish a number in newspaper, your website or in your social media handle. After publishing that number, your Customers will give a missed-call on that particular number and in return, you can send your customize auto-reply.

For better understanding please refer the below image.

missed call service flow
missed call service flow

Now you might be thinking how you can use missed call solution for your business?

Business can use missed call service to generate leads, customer support management,boost customer engagement and for verification/coupon delivery. (There are many more uses of missed call which we learn later in this post).

Section 2: Missed call solution and its use cases

As we discussed earlier that missed call service can be used for lead generation, customer support and customer engagement.

In this section, you will learn about all the use-cases of missed call solution.

Missed call for User Registration: Missed calls can be a convenient option for quick registrations. It also keeps the automated system out of the registrations process.

Missed call for Coupon delivery: It is quite a daunting task to deliver the coupon to the right candidates. But, with OneRing, now you can easily deliver the coupon to the customers at their addresses.

Missed call for opt-in list building: You can publish your Toll-Free numbers and ask your clients to leave a missed call to contribute in opt-in list building procedure.

Missed call for Call Back Service: Start a Call Back Service using OneRing Miss Call service. Whenever, anyone will leave a missed call on your Toll-Free Number, you will receive a notification via mail and text message.

Missed call for Alert Subscription: There are number of clients who want to have alert messages from your side for every new change you bring to your business for them. OneRing can help in quick and easy subscription to the alert messages.

Missed call for Voting, Feedback: OneRing has developed a unique platform through which your valuable customers can now send their feedback, ratings, etc. through a missed call. This cost-effective solution is widely accepted for easy participation and it’s free for end user.

Missed call for verification: In this advanced market, where technology is making it easier to reach to your targeted audience, the number of fraud and fake users/people is also increasing constantly. With OneRing Miss Call service, you can verify the authenticity of the prospects and existing customers at various stages.

Above is the list of use case of missed call solution which are mainly used by businesses. If you have any custom requirement you can contact us we will happy to help you.

Section 3: Missed call marketing campaign creation:

Now you have learned about missed call service and how it can be used.

In this section, you will learn about missed call marketing strategies and missed call marketing campaigns.

Let’s check what exactly missed call marketing is and how businesses are leveraging it.

And, let us understand this with one simple example:

Mr.A and Mr.B have just started their electronic shop; both Mr.A and Mr.B published advertisement in newspaper but Mr.A published missed call number and asked users to give a missed call,  to get 30% discount on any item from his shop. Other side Mr.B published his advertisement without missed call number.

As a result of their newspaper advertising Mr.A not just received more customer engagements but also user details  with their geo locations.

At OneRing we associate with brands like TATA, Axis, ICICI, OLA for their missed call marketing requirement.

Click here to access case studies

Below are the latest campaign powered by OneRing on how big brands like TATA, OLA and axis bank is using missed call service.

Section 4: Advantages of missed call solution

Reach to potential customers: The conversion ratio of a user who connects via missed call marketing campaign is very high compared to another marketing medium.

Increase Productivity: Because of the missed call service is so user-friendly, it gives a customer an easy way to connect with business by cutting unnecessary steps like visit to business site, find a contact form and then submit their query. By missed call service customer wrap all the step into one easy missed call.

One step user registration: No one like to fill lengthy form to just get register; with missed call solution user can register themselves by just giving a missed call, that’s it no lengthy form, no signup form; just a missed call. Isn’t it easy, time-saving and smart choice to make?

Live event Voting: The best part of the missed call service is that; it can be used anytime, anywhere by anyone. Live voting is a perfect example of this. The user can vote by just giving a missed call on a particular number. (Click here to know more about live voting feature)

Customize campaign: OneRing provides full fledge missed call solution dashboard; where businesses not just create their marketing camping but also customize as per their requirements. Let’s say Mr.A wants only missed call from Maharashtra, in this case Mr.A can choose only Maharashtra Zone in his campaign setting and he will not receive any missed calls from outside Maharashtra Zone.

Region wise auto-reply: If you are running your campaign in many states you can set region-wise auto reply for different states. This feature helps the  customer to connect better and increase its chance of engagement.

Multiple SMS against missed call: You can also set multiple reply against one missed call which will help user to know more about your campaign.

User Monitoring: OneRing dashboard provides the graphical view of data which makes it easy for businesses to track and understand campaign results easily.

Inbuilt CRM: Yes, you read it right. OneRing mobile engagement platform comes with inbuilt CRM which makes easy to keep a track record of customer communications made.

Cloud Based technology: Configure and manage all your mobile engagement campaigns on hosted cloud infrastructure and web interface. It’s easy, secure and scalable.

That’s it in this guide. I hope this guide clears your doubt about missed call service.

If you want to know more about missed call marketing we are giving free consultation to business.

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