9 Unique Ways Of Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a most crucial part for any company. People usually forget the well recognized brand due to lack of customer engagement whether it’s pre-sales or after sales engagement. It takes around decades to built a brand but seconds to break, the reason behind it is not just top line or bottom line of the company but major factor is how you sustain or retain it in the minds of customer. The more drew in your clients are with your brand, the almost certain they are to continue coming back to you. At last, they will build up some type of dedication and add to your brand’s development.

Many videos, blogs, articles are created on how to engage the customers easily & quick but as i said in earlier Para it takes nearly decades to built customer trust & relationship. Growth comes from returning customers. Most brands will in general give more consideration to lead generation and client procurement.
According to Verint, 61% of consumers would tell friends and family about their experiences, while 27% reported that they would sign up to the company’s loyalty scheme Customer reason.

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Customers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer.

Person cannot learn customer’s engagement through any video tutorials or blogs, it is matter of experience that teach us many things. I have tried to write few points which will help you to engage with the customers.

How customer engagement will help big brands to grow?

1. Develop Emotional connections:
When you approach a prospect, the first step is to built a connection with casual or friendly conversation. For example call a prospect by their name or talk him about their pain areas and show some sympathy or concern towards them. That’s why it’s being said by “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs, Apple.

2. Build community or forum:
Creating a community will make customers feel part of the organization. E.g., Royal Enfield have their own community who host some competition or arrange some road trips.

3. Continuous promotion:
Why continuous promotion is necessary? Even though you have a good customer base in market but after short span of time or duration people will easily forget you. Due to lack of customer engagement and would not be able to recalled & recognize the brand. Many big players are still promoting their brand inspite of huge customer base.

4. Hold a contest:
The another interesting way to drag the customer attention is to hold a contest, quiz, or virtual community where we can easily interact with customers and try to provide them rewards in terms of winning price and they feel to be part of company.

5. Regular Offers:
Try to provide regular offer or discounts by which they feel delighted and would recommend your brand (word of mouth) or referral marketing. As it is said word of mouth is the biggest way of promotion or publicity.

6. Show real people behind your brand:
Show the real people or team behind the success story of the company like in mostly MNC’s organization share a post on social media wishing them on birthday, promotion or organize a annual meet-up where head will be sharing their experience with the audience.

7. Share customer experience:
Sharing a customer experience is so important because prospect can easily connect or interrelated their experience with ourselves. The people from same industry can relate their pain areas and further trust your company.

8. Obsess over your customers by delivering enormous value:
“Creating value for the customers” this phase is heard many a times in masters degree but it is being experience today. Once you create value for the customers once he will provide huge business for lifetime is so true statement. Likewise angry customer is the most loyal customer towards your brand if you help them in difficult times.

9. Customer feedback:
Customer feedback is equally important whether it’s positive or negative because positive feedback will motive to do much better and negative feedback will make you realize mistakes & motivate to improve services or product.

Final Conclusion
These are some compelling ways your image can connect with your clients to drive development. You have to adapt your image and include your image’s character into your correspondences with your crowd. What’s more, you should make open doors for commitment to make it simpler for individuals to speak with you.

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