3 Creative Ways to Increase Lead Generation

Many sales person has spoken about lead generation tactics or tools but very less could able to put unique footprints in the market. Not only it ends with this but huge corporate & companies are built specially for lead generation process as almost everyone finds it difficult.

Marketing & Sales teams spend an absurd amount of time & financial resources by creating blogs, videos, hosting webinars, white paper and so on. But at the end of the day, you don’t have an unlimited budget of time and money to pursue every lead generation idea that tickles your fancy. You need results now.

“Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns

in order to look at things in a different way.” — Edward de Bono

Different companies adopt different techniques as per their business model. But what makes you stand out in the market?

Let’s have a look which is the different approaches companies usually use to achieve competitive advantage.

Following are the three ways of lead generation

Online Lead Generation:-

1. High quality written blog content:
People usually acquire good content writer or outsource the blogs but that’s the biggest mistake. Who can able to know your product then a better sales person?

2. Educational or instructional video:
Creating a video is not as easy as it looks, as here we have to define target audience whom you are going to address. As many a times people feel bore but what can grab the attention of prospects that people should search about like whether it’s script or graphics. It’s been proved that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 was based on video.

3. E-books, whitepaper or case study:
These are the proper corporate materials which can define your organization.
Here we can’t say it’s creative but It will help you a lot to present your company in front of one investors or anyone else who are much interested in your company profile or clients list.

4. Influencer outreach:
Now a days influencer plays a very important as a single leader can influence huge crowd or group of people. He/she have a power to inspire a people. Let’s take an example of our P.M. he usually promote government projects and people follow it.

5. Host a virtual summit:
Virtual summit is most innovative where you can connect with the people all around the world. And Industrial experts such as sales experts, leaders, and bestselling authors were live on social media to address the audience or video are being posted by them related to most trending topics.

6. Launch creative side project:
Side projects can get a hell of a lot more creative though. The companies like P&G donate 1 Rs. of their product to educate girls and other social welfare by which goodwill is created in the society and people easy trust their products and company.

Social Media lead generation ideas:-

7. Optimize outbound connection request on LinkedIn:
Most of B2B companies adopt this strategy for lead generation and due to which LinkedIn came up with premium versions of it “Sales Navigator”. People make conversations on daily basis to create a strong network in their respective Industry whether It’s within the borders or not. Not only has this it also helped you in competitive analysis.

8. Answer the questions on Quora:
Answering the questions on Quora was little old techniques but it’s still effective way of indirect marketing where you can provide the solution by promoting your product unknowingly.

9. Leverage niche online communities:
Many online communities are created to leverage the niche market. The best example of it is Google have created a community online from all over the world. And after that meet-up is arranged for most popular or influencer people. Likewise YouTube is arranging years on years as it is also major part for promotion.

Offline Lead generation idea:-

10. Speak at industry events & conference:
Try to visit Industrial events or conferences where you would able to meet large audience and build up partnership or you can promote your product. It’s mostly useful in B2B Business where huge investments are require and corporate idols are looking for such innovative startups in which they can invest or take little risk.

11. Be interviewed on relevant broadcast media:
The big industrialist like Bill gates, Jack Ma usually being interview by new channels or reality shows where they inspire people and tell about success story.

12. Host regular meet-up events:
You yourself can also host events and called industrial experts around your city or states to built good relation in target market or industry and it will also help for cross sales with other organizations.

Lead generation is a crucial piece of any business, regardless of whether customary physical shops or up and coming on the web ventures. Your business won’t make due without leads, so it is essential that you keep a steady progression of exceptionally focused on drives utilizing these enjoyment, imaginative, innovative and compelling ways.

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