How to improve call to action in missed call to IVR

Customer engagement is an important attribute in customer experience and can retain to ensure return purchases. What most organizations miss out is, that the customer experience is not only applicable after sales, but most importantly before they have converted into full paying customers.

Reaching out to the prospects can be a tough job but when you have already reached out, it is important that the way you communicate with them elevates their interaction experience. These days, organizations are focusing on digital platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, emails, SMS, etc. to reach out to their target audience and they succeed in campaigns, do ensure that they provide a seamless experience while they are communicating with the prospects.

One of the most common but widely accepted marketing channels used by organizations is the missed call alert service. Although the service has an advantage for the prospects to reach out to organizations, without spending a single penny, its usability increases when there is a feature of the IVR system in place.

Missed Call to IVR is a great feature offered by OneRing for converting more prospects into full-paying customers. It is India’s first organization to introduce such a feature in the market of missed call alert service. The thought behind introducing this feature is that the customers get more opportunities to interact with an organization, after a missed call.

Here are some of the best practices to keep in mind while having an IVR System to your missed call alert service:

  • Make your IVR call quick: Waiting is something that customers hate and when in calling an organization, they want communication as fast as possible. When your company is using a missed call to IVR as a marketing channel, ensure the IVR call is immediately done once a customer dials in a missed call. This ensures a quick engagement strategy and a brand recall value for your organization.
  • Craft simple options for your prospects: The IVR system design that you choose for your prospects or customers to interact with should be crafted in a simple fashion. Do not make it unnecessary lengthy and complex to understand. Keep fewer options to choose from so that they do not forget the prior options and quickly respond.
  • Use language that your customer speaks: The IVR system you choose should have the option to choose from multiple languages. This will make customer interaction simpler and easier.

Missed call to an IVR is a great feature for an organization to use as there is no spamming and the inputs directly come from a customer. Also, customer feedback and survey answers become simple to cater to, when you have such a feature in place.

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