How Missed call alert service works?

Ever Think? How Missed call Alert Service Works??

Familiar with this phrase:

 Give a missed call on this number to VOTE your Favorite Contestant: OR,
 Give a missed call to join our program.

But, how this actually works?

Let’s dig deep into it…

There is one company called ‘A’. Now, this company launched one product 6 months ago. To get Feedback of that product they stared review form on their website but very few user sign up on it.

After brainstorming on why users are not coming to their forum and review the product, they realize the process of review submission was bit lengthy.

To cut unnecessary steps and make the process short and more reliable they chose missed call solution to get stuff done.

They Contact OneRing missed call Provider and buy two toll-free number for their campaign.
They publish those numbers and asked their users:

If you liked our product give a missed call on this: 1800 XXX X12
If you have any issue with our product please give a missed on this: 1800 XXX X13

Now the user will give a missed call on any of those numbers. The company will get notification of each missed call on missed call provider dashboard.

With notification, they also received that user: Area circle, Operator, and Phone number.

Now the company will contact back to the user based on their vote. If someone liked their service they set an auto-reply to thank them for using service. And set auto call for those who are having an issue with the product.this process is easier and less time consuming; more users will use missed call and give their review.

Missed call alert service in a nutshell.

#1 User Give a missed call on Toll-free number
#2 (After onering call get disconnect)
#3 The brand will get a notification and set auto-reply accordingly.

Missed call alert service not only used for getting feedback but it used in many ways too.

Like; User Registration, Lead generation, Coupon delivery, Information pulling, Cash on delivery verification, Customer Mobile Verification Service, Web user Registration Verification, E-commerce Mobile Validation…

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