7 unique customer engagement tools Big brands usually missed out on..!!

The marketing world is heavily counting upon this lad called Customer Engagement tools.

Its all about creating a relationship between brand and customer. This can be a reaction, interaction, effect or overall customer experience towards a certain brand or services which ends up in buying behavior.

And for that reason, brands spend a huge amount of capital on infrastructure to develop various customer engagement platforms.

Brands give something valuable to their customers beyond sales pitch and that’s when the customer gets emotionally connected to the specific brand.

Here are 7 customer engagement tools which will play a vital role in upcoming customer engagement strategies.

Missed-call Service

Make your customers call you..!!

Give a missed-call and register with us, Give a Missed-call and Provide your feedback, Give a Missed call to vote, Give a Missed-call and get discount coupons and many more. There are many ways industry giants are using Missed-call services to engage with customers.

Why it’s game-changing?

  • Customers don’t need to pay any single penny to interact with brands or company.
  • People who are genuinely interested in services will call, No spammers
  • Everyone is using mobile phones, So it becomes easy to use this services.
  • One single missed-call number can be used in the Lead generation, Feedback, Registration, voting, verification, Survey, Engagement, Coupon delivery, Offer, Promotion, Information pass on, etc.


How about someone is available 24*7 to answer your business inquiries.

Chatbots powered by AI can be a smart move for any business. As it can engage and handle multiple customers at a time.

It also saves a lot of money as it does not require employees available all the time.

By analyzing previous interaction data, chatbots can send relevant information to prospects and provide personalization to users.

Two-way Communication

Shortcodes and long codes are used in two way communication. shortcodes are widely used for value-added services such as television voting, ordering ringtones, charity donations, pulling information from the application, sales force automation, interactive campaign and various mobile services.

Shortcodes are 5 digit premium numbers for instance Text BURGER to 87871 to Get Coupon, also know for receiving incoming SMS from any mobile device to your application.

Long Code is basically used for receiving incoming SMS from any mobile device to your application. The biggest advantage of Long Number is it is globally reachable

Social Media

Reviews and ratings about the particular brand on social media create buying behavior for customers.

Social media’s wide reach can help brands engage with the maximum targeted audience.

By providing information about upcoming events and offers the job is already made easy for the marketing team.
Using social media in right way can boost up customer engagement with ease.

Solve problems with Content

Provide content to ease the pain of customers, not to sell the product.

Customer-centric content is the key to pull more crowd.

A study shows value-added content is the right approach to educate customers. And when customers are educated, they are willing to take actions.

When you are coming online to engage with customers. Content is the king.

Prompt Customer Support

No one has time in this era of nail-biting competition. If you are not answering your customers in time, your rivals waiting to serve them.

Brands are losing 70% of business due to poor customer support.

One of the studies reveals loss of $331b. Because of ill customer service.
If customers are calling again and again for the same reason, Remember, next brand is only a click away..!!

Mobile engagement Platforms

India set to have 530 Million mobile users in 2018 and forecast to exceed 2.3 billion users by 2019.

The increased use of mobile devices means the constant connection between brands and customers.

There are companies like entering, Yakovoice and smslane who provides mobile engagement platforms, which helps brands to grow customer base and keep prospects in touch.

Customer engagement is not the destiny but its an ongoing journey. If you are not connecting with your prospects then surely your brand’s destiny can change

Customer experience is the new battlefield in this digital economy. A survey suggests customer engagement will take over price and products as the key brand differentiator.

Hope this will help many to generate more revenue and attract more consumers.