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Leads are the sine qua non of a business. The absence of effectual lead capturing mechanisms can cause businesses to face a severe blow in their growth and progress, taking them downhill. The effectiveness of lead capturing in a business is as significant as coffee beans in a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. 

With a plethora of tools and services, theories, and tactics available in the market, it’s a crucial task to select the best-suited lead capturing route for the business. The best way to select is by having reach and accessibility as the criteria for judgment. Higher the reach, better the outcome, leading to quality leads. Quality leads then ensure business expansion, visibility, and success.

All you need to know about Lead Capturing Tool

By the end of 2021, the number of mobile phone users in India is expected to hit the 760 million mark. This major hike in mobile dependency is obvious after the pandemic hit in 2020. Though the virus brought all the businesses to a pause, the vigorous rise in mobile users opened an entirely new window of growth. As a matter of fact, if you have a mobile phone in your hand, you have direct access to nearly 500 million prospects. With such a prominent opportunity available at your fingertips, mobile-based lead capturing and engagement tools turn out to be the best choice for business augmentation. It is evident that mobile-based engagement is the new and effective way of client engagement. But, now the question is, how to use missed calls as a tool for lead capturing? 

Internet connectivity is undoubtedly one of the best modes of engagement. But, it comes with certain prerequisites such as data availability and network and system requirements. What if one could bypass these t&c and still be able to cultivate similar or at times, even better results? 

It’s absolutely possible! 

A missed call is a telephone call that by its inbuilt configuration allows the calls to drop itself after OneRing and simultaneously helps the recipient in getting hold of basic data of the caller for further contact and communication. It’s a versatile tool that can be used in lead generation and capturing and helping a business soar to great heights. It’s a quick, convenient, effective, and productive client engagement and business expansion tool. With such cut-throat competition in the market, such innovative and easy tools make a business stand out. If utilized properly, it has the potential of attracting high-quality leads which can then turn into customers. 

Missed calls can be wreathed in numerous ways to be used in the best way possible for a business. It can be used for polling, voting surveys, authentication, and so on. Every missed call can be recorded as a response from an interested lead. Moreover, one missed call can eliminate the requirement of a long tedious form-filling ritual. 

Customers like being valued and missed calls because its interactive and easy interface ensures that customer’s time and efforts are saved. This improves customer experience ensuring their loyalty to the brand. When estimating to reach the maximum number in the minimum time, the options analyzed are a commonality in niche markets. With the least integration and best result any lead generation theme will have missed call service as the best option for their lead funnel.

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