Webhook API Integration


Today everything is needed on the tip of a finger then whether it is the social media, the news, the work, the food, etc. during a marketing campaign, focus is more on the marketing strategies. Also the sources and the results of the campaign are considered equally important. Among all this there comes monitoring. When any campaign in on run, it has to be constantly monitored to know the direction. Every move and parameter is analyzed sometimes to know the fluctuating results. How to keep track on the status of each and every lead in the running campaign? There is no reason to worry as now there is an easy solution to keep a live track on the running campaign for 24×7. It is known as Webhook API (Application Program Interface).

Webhook is an API that allows us to build or setup integration with customized events. A process of augmenting of the behavior of a web page with customized events. These events may be maintained, modified and managed by third party user whose affiliation with the organizing website is not mandatory. Webhook is a kind of API that provides the real time information to different application which connects two different applications. So whenever any event is created on the activated application, it collects the data and sends it to the URL of the action application. Hence the action application can have all the data and status of the event live on real time basis. So basically to the viewer just a URL is given, by clicking on it user can have the real time information of his respective data.

For an example, suppose a campaign is run all over the country. There will be various parameters to monitor the status of the ongoing campaign like the live hits, number of incoming leads, from which region more leads are coming, etc.Now to find these results separately every single time will get too hectic, also with the man power and their efforts. But the availability of webhook API integration system, all of the necessary parameters of monitoring the live status of the campaign, can be seen at one place. This will save lot of time as well.

In case, there are multiple campaigns running at the same time then it will be more crucial to segregate the status of each and every parameter and then compare them together and analyse. The management of multiple campaigns needs lots of efforts, time and man power. While under this integration the efforts, time and man power can be reduced easily, hence saving the money spent behind the campaign. The positive possibilities of increase in ROI can be up to a great extent.

The important part is that the physical presence of a person is very important right in front of the system to analyse these various factors of a campaign. The tedious calculations need time. With webhook API integration, with no tedious process it gets completely easy to handle the system. Along with this, the monitoring system can be carried any time anywhere without any disturbances with all the same services available just like in the system. Even in the mobile phone with the help of webhook API integration.

OneRing provides its customers with this exclusive service. Its webhook API integration helps the user get all the insights of an ongoing campaign on ones finger tip. The API integration is very user friendly. Dedicated API integration panel is provided to the user. No expertise is needed in handling the panel. The integration can be to any third party panel as such SMS gateway, campaign reports, voice call gateway, CRM and so on.

Also it helps the user to monitor the status of an ongoing campaign anywhere at any time with the complete view of the panel even in the mobile handsets to analyze considering the parameters together. Also the OneRing API integration provides the facility of managing unlimited campaigns on the same panel along with the comparison of leads – both individually and group wise. With smart reporting logs OneRing enables users to get a quick update on the response status of the API too.