POS FeedBack


Customer satisfaction is the fore most important thing in today’s business. The businesses continuously try to provide their customers with easier ways to deal with them including the comfort in buying the product, knowing the product, solving queries and paying for the product.

Point of Sale is a system that makes the Payment procedure very easy and fast. For the customers point of sale is a software just like the cash counter of stores. Through this the customer can pay for the goods and services they want to purchase. Point of sales is the new way of billing the products replacing the cash registers. In POS, the barcode stickers can be scanned. If there are some discounts on the products then that can also be known and that discounted amount can be deducted from the overall price through the same system. The billing of all the products together can be done along with including the necessary taxes through the POS system. This makes it very easy for the customer to get the billings done in minimal period of time.

Also online POS systems have the customers shop online with an ease. POS online system also works the same way on a virtual platform, it helps customers know their discounted items and offers provided by the company. After these processes the bill payment can be done either by cash or any virtual payment mode. Point of sale is mostly used for the business to reduce the manpower and their efforts behind making the bills, to reduce the time, to maintain the Inventory of the warehouse, managing the CRM, financial records etc. Point of sale terminal is also a point of return for customer order.

Providing POS nowadays has become very important for better service to the customers by any business.

Every business strives for a better customer service the most. All the possible efforts are put by the business to make it more convenient for the customers to deal with them. That is why it is very important to know the customer’ review for any service provided to them by a company. Their feedback help a business improve their services in more better ways. The business can focus on each and every point where the customer has a problem. This will help the business grow more possibilities of making loyal customers through this system.

Most importantly this gives the customer a feel of personalization. This makes the customer feel important and think that they are valued and that is why they can be turned into a long time customers for the business.

Because of this more precise results are obtained comparatively. It is important for a business to grow with every new technology coming into the market. Same way upgrading the POS system through customer feedback is very important as well.

OneRing brings a very easy way to give the POS feedback. Now making the POS feedback procedure for customers is very simple. Just give a missed call on the dedicated virtual number of the business and give the feedback about your experience just in few seconds.

The most important time saving process of POS feedback provided by one ring turns very convenient for the customer to give a correct feedback. From this feedback, the business can know its pros and cons in their customer service. This will help them improve their service and create more permanent customers.