Mobile User Verification


Mobile usage has increased tremendously. Nowadays from a needle to a plane, everything can be searched on it. Internet can take a man to any corner of the world. Everything almost can be purchased online, also every information can be found. E-Commerce Industries have really grown well in past years because of this. Growing number of online customers, is adding high profit to the revenue of such companies.

But as it is observed that a silly mistake in math sum can get you are wrong answer, same way a small mistake can get you are wrong customer, or make you miss a good customer. Any transaction or movement done on any website or application has to be correct and genuine for the benefit of the company and the customers. For which the verification off the mobile users is very important.

Mobile verification is basically a process to confirm the phone number of the user and hence confirm that the user is genuine. Also a mobile verification give the business and ability to a sure the safety of the accounts of the customers. Mobile verification has become very essential nowadays. Especially if the website or application is of shopping. As mobile users are verified, it becomes safe for them to deal with the respective business.

Mostly during the campaign, many people get registered. At that time, there mobile verification becomes necessary to know which users are genuine and which are fake. Also if this test is done manually by the user then it takes lot of time and the possibilities of mistakes increase. That is why automatic mobile verification is done mostly.

Basically to confirm end-users identity through an established anchor, mobile user verification is very important. When a user enters his phone number in a website registration for some application download, the information of his device reach the company before him. The mobile device associated to that number directly connects to the respective website or application. Who they are, who they pretend to be, etc. Can be found. Once the verification is done they get tired as the end users, and a trust gets established. Hence, the mobile becomes a connected identity device which can be used by the user for his life long transactions with the company.

Mobile verification can mostly prevent fraud users. There are many companies facing this problem. Specially, the new beginners and Middle leveled companies. With verification the risk reduces up to a large extent. There are also possibilities of too many bulk account creations from a single device. With the mobile verification only one account can be made from a single number or a single device. Also if spammers or bot are using the device because of which multiple accounts are created, then that can also be found and avoided.

Mobile verification through email and then by entering the password, has become an old and lengthy process. Through this simple automated process, the account registration process can be simplified as an end user. They just have to provide their mobile number and once it’s confirmed, they can use the website or application. Mobile verification can secure account recovery as well. If there is any past history of the user, it can be easily found out through this process. Also the risk of insecure password or account recovery can be avoided. Also as the mobile verification stops fake users, the value of the user base of the company increases.

With so many benefits and reasons, it becomes mandatory for any company to get the mobile user verification done for its users. Sending SMS for emails can be costlier and time consuming. But what if the mobile user verification can be done just by a missed call?

OneRing provides the facility to its customers to get the mobile user verification done through just a missed call. The customer has to give a missed call on the dedicated virtual number of the company provided by OneRing. This number will be connected directly to the company’s system. So when the customer gives the missed call, his mobile verification will be done. An Auto reply message confirming the verification can be sent to the user.

So get fastest and easiest way for mobile user verification and provide your customers with great customer experience and your business with the great profit.