Live Voting Events

Live Voting Events

Nowadays when the companies want to provide their customers, products of their accurate need, knowing each and every choice of every consumer becomes mandatory. Also it is necessary to know the needs of the customers to see if it fit into their products. For all of this, knowing the minds of the customers is important.

Ultimately, the customers have to be shown that they are valuable and their opinions matter. For this, time to time feedback from the customers in different forms is necessary. Especially, if the feedback taking procedure is made fun and interesting for them along with fulfilling the purpose. And if there are some quick decisions to be made by the company, taking the opinions of the customers via live voting events or campaigns is more relevant.

Live voting is a strategy to take opinion of the audience on a specific topic in a given limited span of time. Basically it refers to using the voting rights through online platforms or by any other technical way. The voters can use their mobile phones, tablets, etc. if present in a live show for live voting.

Live voting is prominently done in the matter of spreading awareness. When people are in live voting, they come to know about the product, the brand and the company, by their active participation. As every company wants its name to be spread to each and every person and this can be done through awareness as it is the foremost thing to start with.

Second important feature of live voting is that it’s the only voting method taking the least amount of time compared to other methods. The reason behind this is the time limit given to the voters to vote decided by the organisers. Because of this, most or almost all the votes are received in that time duration itself. Hence it gives the very immediate results of the campaign in real time. Also, because it’s an online live voting; it doesn’t take much effort which is why more people tend to participate in it. Therefore, major number of audience is reached in the least amount of time using minimal efforts and wealth.

Live voting and poles are necessary for every presenter, event, and conference, Congress, business community or any other organisers. For the organisers, who are constantly finding new ways to reach the audience, bring them together, foster engagement and create exciting and memorable experiences, this method is very efficient. This method actually helps them in a better way to spread awareness. As so many people are gathered at one place, their opinions can also be known through voting. This is opinion of the audience will help the company to improve the attributes they are lagging behind in. Also, it will help in planning the future products and their specifications.

So live voting events, work in both the ways, along with spreading awareness, it also gathers the opinions of the audience. This helps a company carry out a successful campaign.

For an example, during festivals campaigns can be run like competition or quiz which is related to the company or its products. Now for the audience, it gets interesting to participate in quiz and such things, especially if they are prized with something. In this quiz, the company can ask questions regarding its own products to the audience. And declare that one of the people giving right answers will win the prize. So if the audience doesn’t know the answer, they will try to search it more from the internet or any other source. From their searching’s they will get to know more about the products and their features. And here is the hit point that if the participant likes the product, he would buy it as well along with answering the quiz.

Hence the campaign here will spread awareness from which the possibilities of lead generation increase up to a large extent. Moreover the data collected from these campaigns, can be used to promote future products, upcoming services and events of the company and also for remarketing. So just through one campaign so many benefits can be made. This is why live event voting is one of the most cost efficient methods of marketing and promotions.

Not only the businesses, but all the industries can adopt this method. For an example, colleges arrange different events and competitions. From that, live voting can be an easiest way of getting the results of the audience opinion. So if the results are to be announced by public voting, then live voting event can be of much benefit.

Live voting events are beneficial because the results are measured on the spot of voting itself. Analysing audience opinion live is an instant way of measuring a participants satisfaction. Also the data received will be reliable as it is the live voting on real time basis. Hence the fresh opinions of the audience based on their latest knowledge about the products, makes it more trustworthy.

Customer engagement can be nicely done through such campaigns. Because an interactive element is added, more audience gather together. This also fulfils one of the prime objectives of the campaign.

Also asking for feedback and let you know the hot topics of the audiences’ interest. From that, it can be analysed that which attributes does the audience want to skip. In the next campaign more work could be done on that. Because it’s an interactive event, you can check on the audience, about their understanding and knowledge about the content. The management of the event can be done efficiently by just asking the audience to submit their responses online.

Along with all this some icebreaker questions can also be asked to keep the audience entertained and engaged in the event. More interesting event will encourage the audience to attend the next event arranged by the same company again. Due to this, in the next campaign, the company will already have their participants plus the new ones who will join in the next campaign. Hence, the audience can be increased which will result into more customer engagement again.

Live voting events are online or SMS based polling or surveys to measure real-time audience sentiment. To send an SMS, the audience will have to spend money along with following a long procedure.

OneRing brings the shortest and simplest way for the live voting events. It is to vote through just missed call. The participants can vote by giving a missed call on the dedicated virtual number of the company provided by OneRing. Through this the participant can give his opinion in no time with any efforts and no money spent. This type of method turns out to be one of the most successful ones to run campaigns.