Live Event Feed

Every examination has a result. Each and every thing established has a point of view of its audience. Every program arranged has a review. Every competition arranged has a winner. Every event organised has a result.

Results, feedbacks, reviews, etc. are basically for two important purposes. First, to know your level of talent and second, how to improve it more? Same happens with each and every business as well. They try to implement new ideas to reach their customers in different ways. Every business tries to engage the audience as much as it can, to spread awareness about its products, business and to know about the customers’ opinion on it.

Feedbacks of the customers always play an important role in the planning structure of any business. As customer satisfaction is their achievement. The customer satisfaction is known to them through feedback. So for all the things like engagement, awareness, etc. different events are organised to run marketing campaigns for any purpose, mostly live events or live voting events are organised. As the organising of these results is very important for the business to spread awareness and increase customer engagement. In the same way it is important to know the feedback of those events for improvement of the business.

Generally, after the events, getting feedback from the customer and extracting the results happens to be a lengthy process. To make this process more convenient and easy, live event feed is used.

Live event feed is a tool which helps business know people’s interest and their behaviour towards its products or services. This actually completes the event’s structure at its end, to make a solutions and analyse its results. This helps in taking steps for the progress in the making of a product or services better for the overall benefits of the business.

For an example, if some live event is organised by a company on some festival. People will take more part out of their interest, maybe because of offers and discounts etc. Events always gather more people together and focus on a single subject. That subject can be anything for an example the product of that company. As more people are gathered or engaged, more awareness spread. As many people have participated, the organisers, at the end of the event need to know the results of the feedback of the audience regarding the event.

This feedback will now help the company know about the mind of all the audience. There may be aware or unaware people in the audience. But together their opinion will help the company analyse many things. The customer satisfaction level, the awareness, their complaints towards the products, etc. can be known. Also, they will get to know about the event arrangements, positive and negative points of the event and these points will help the company make improvements in the next events. These results can be obtained in several ways. Mostly in such events live voting is done.

Which was the way is to collaborate all the feedbacks together and extract out of this, is a lengthy and time consuming process.

In today’s world, all the businesses want instant and fast results of the campaigns, to work on the next plans faster. Live event feed makes this lengthy process of extracting feedbacks into short. It allows you to capture the audience’s results all together and displays them on the screen for all to see. With its help, all the audience can see the results in few seconds’ right in front of their screens. Basically live events just show the data coming to the customer data hub in real time. These charts display events coming from all the data sources and all event feeds. Mostly these results are shown in the form of chart bar for easy understanding of the audience.

The best example of live event feed can be given by the audience poll lifeline available in the Kaun Banega Crorepati show. In that, the audience has to choose any one option out of the four options and press their answers on the voting pads. In 30 seconds, the voting lines get closed and immediately the results are displayed on the screens in front. This is what is done by live event feed. Such live events and their feeds both are required in few seconds to the organisers.

Everything nowadays is getting personalized. Now same can be done with the live event feed as well. Everyone out of the audience can get to see the results of the event just in few seconds on their own mobile screens. The organisers don’t have to arrange a big Display Board to display the results, as the audience can see the results just by giving a missed call.

OneRing provides with the solution to make the live event feed viewing simpler. The viewer just has to give missed call on the dedicated number of the company provided by OneRing. The call will get disconnected and the link to view the results will flash up in the auto-reply reply message. Just by clicking that link, all the feeds of the events can be known.

To make the simple live event feed of viewing results simpler, this method should be used. It is one of the most time saving, cost-effective and convenient method for the audience and organizers. Hence the marketing campaign can gain or achieve their goals clearly.