E-Commerce Mobile Validation


In today’s life, virtual world is given sometimes more importance than the real world. Everything has turned online in business and so in marketing. Online websites and applications catch up more pace nowadays. Online shopping is something really accepted by the people. They find it easier, less time consuming, less costly and convenient for themselves. The hotel bookings are done online to save further time and to get best deals. Almost every business has turned online, for a better scope. Increasing public demand is widening the E-Commerce industry in each and every domain. With the growing online business nowadays, verification of the customers is something important. Verification of the crowd coming to the website plays a very major role.

Ecommerce validation method helps a business in knowing its customer in a better way. Providing small features also play good roles. Ecommerce validation is the process of giving the customers, the authorisation for handling his new account. This process verifies the customer’s account to avoid further risks for the company and the customer himself.

Every E-Commerce business tries to give its customers with the best possible features. But it is also important that the use of those features should be made by the right person in a right manner. With online transactions, many threats increase for a business. In this case, validation is the most important method that keeps the business at a lower risk.

Validation of users account can keep them secure. In any business, managing hundreds and thousands of customers and sensitive data is a big responsibility. By chance, if any wrong kind of a login is done, the information can be misused as well. Threat from the fake account makers is more in e-commerce industry. There are possibilities of people creating a fake account providing false information to the website. Such people can be harmful for the business. They may try to take out some information of the company, which possibly may result into a big loss. The company has to stay alert and validate every customer to maintain the security.

When it comes to ecommerce business, the database of hundreds of customers is to be maintained. In such case, it gets difficult to keep an eye on each and every moment made by anyone in the website. The validation process gives an assurance of the safe login of a right person in the website. Sometimes when customers feed their data, many a times, they make mistakes. A small mistake made by them in feeding any information about them in the website can result into a loss for the company. A mistake in address feeding can deliver the parcel at a wrong address. The shipping to the wrong place, the time management, etc. everything has to be paid as a loss by the company itself. A wrong feed of pin code in the address box can result into delay of the order and hectic for the delivering man to find it. Many such minor details filled in the system can make a difference. To make sure that every information provided by the customer is correct, validation is important.

Also, if the information is already filled in the website, it gets easier for the customer during the next shopping. Through validation during the next shopping, the details of the customer are automatically refilled. This serves like a better customer service experience as well. It also saves lot of time of the customers. The combination of time saving by validation of the previous filled data goes really well for the customer.

Especially when campaigns are run, many customers visit the website. There might be possibilities that they may enter the products in the card with the details but not order it at the very right moment. Through validation, this process remains same as the assurance of the right person’s login is done.

Ecommerce validation is very important in the case of multiple account users as well. Once the data of the person from a device is registered on the website, the same person cannot make an account with the same information given again. This helps avoid clone profiles of customers. This results in to better quality of crowd on the website. Also by this, the unique number of users can be known.

The registered or validated customers can then be provided services in many forms. E-Commerce mobile validation is a simple process saving a lot of time for its customers, getting accurate information of the customers, avoiding frauds, etc. These all things can turn into a high profit of the company.

OneRing provides with an amazing feature of e-commerce data validation process. Just through a missed call the mobile validation for any customer can be done. This will stop it for the customers to repeatedly insert the same data. The customer has to just give a missed call on the dedicated virtual number of the company provided by OneRing. The company can in return, send an auto reply SMS with the OTP or just the thank you message. Thank you message is send when the validation process is already done through missed call. Or else by feeding the OTP, smooth login in the account can be done to the system.