Customer Support Rating


Every company focuses on customer service the most. In today’s world customer satisfaction is the greatest achievement for any business. To turn the customers into permanent customers, businesses try different methods to attract them. Along with offering good quality, better price, they have to offer best customer service as well. As a happy customer is the best source of marketing, a company should always try to delight its customers.

Customer support is something to be much focused on. Basically it’s a range of services provided to the customers in making better use of the product and service. For an example, by guiding them with different uses and benefits of the product, other than they know already. Customer support also help in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading and disposal of a product. Customer support replies to each query of the customer.

Customer support is more important to maintain that personal touch with the customer’s when something goes wrong and they need help. The services can change from industry to industry that is from Call Centers, email support, ticket based helpdesk etc. The ultimate goal of the company remains to give the best possible value from the product. So that the customer do not suffer from any kind of problems related to the company’s product.

Customer support when indulged into personalized service, the customers have to feel that, they are into one to one conversation with the company. They want instant solutions for their problems in a simple way. When these things are provided, they become happy and loyal customers. But how will a company know the response of customers towards the customer support service provided?

Feedback on the service from the customers can help the company know the performance of its support executives and more of the problems of the customers. Although a feedback is important, filling a long form of feedback is a kind of hectic and time time-consuming task for the customers. Due to this, they mostly avoid filling the feedback form or randomly fill it. So this feedback giving process can be eased by rating. Rating the customer support can get the feedback to the company very easily.

Customer support ratings are very useful to any company. Also, good ratings and testimonials received can increase the revenue. Good ratings from a valuable customer is always precious. And flashing it on the website will show a good image of the company. As it is always more appreciable if the customers talk about the company themselves instead of the company talking about itself.

Along with that the prospective customers who visit the website, will always check for the ratings and testimonials first. As customer support is one of the foremost things for success of any product. And if the customer support service of the company is rated good then it plays a major role in the decision making process of the prospective customer. Customer support ratings also show the efficiency for the executive of the company. From rating scale, their performance can be judged and improved, if required.

When campaigns are run, the opinion of the audience is known by their ratings. Campaigns have many customers logging in during campaigns for shopping and purchasing by seeing the offers. Now all of them have to be provided with the best and expected customer support. And if by any chance, they don’t receive the expected service, their ratings can inform that to the company. Hence, the customer support ratings totally help in enhancing the customer experience, hence increasing the conversion rates.

One ring helps making the rating procedure very effortless and time-saving. Often the feedback procedure becomes lengthy for the customers. After the call from the customer support, the customers don’t prefer waiting for a minute to give the feedback. The reason behind this is mostly the time.

OneRing’s customer support rating makes it easy for the customer to rate the service. The customer has to just give a missed call on the dedicated virtual number provided to the company by OneRing. An Auto reply message will flash up on the screen of the customer, with the link to the rating of the support call. In this way, within few seconds the rating process can be done.

Any industry needs to provide best customer experience in an easy and simpler way to connect for their customer. Partnering with OneRing, can get the company reach to its customers in a more efficient way connecting more under one roof.