CRM Integration


Customers are the supreme in any business. Same way the relationship with customers has to be good to turn them into loyal customers. Nowadays, along with quality and good price, what customer needs is a better service and treatment. In the world of competition, the way how one treats its customers is very important. That is giving importance to his part, companies now have started having customer relationship management system.

CRM is a category of software solutions of all integrated and data driven once, which help the company know more about customers. These systems have the details of the customers which help to improve the way of interacting with customers and increase the business with them. CRM is one of the best ways to maintain and manage good relationships with customers, track marketing, sales lead, pipeline and delivering functional and practical data.

An integrated CRM is very important for a business to analyse the ways of making a good relationship with the customers. This prominently helps creating loyal customers and increases the customer retention rate. Any company’s overall revenue is totally dependent upon its customer’s loyalty and the revenue received. In such case, CRM proves to be powerful marketing strategy to increase the profits of a business.

Whenever customer provides their data after the purchase of the product, that data is stored in the CRM system. This data is collected any analyzed to know the consumer behavior as well. So that the next time when the customer arrives to same store for purchase, the store gets all the details of the customer just by entering his name or number in the system. This helps the customer to turn into a close connection. Same way many stores feed the birth date of their customers and offer them with special discounts on their birthday, birthday month… Also sometimes on second or third purchase from the same store the customers get some discount, creating preferences.

In many such other ways an integrated CRM can work resulting into better relation with customers. During a product campaign, when many leads get generate one need a system to get the data automatically stored. That when an inbuild CRM come to picture. This can help the business notice the consumer behavior and his other details like region, birth date, etc. Then after that the analyzing of the data will take place, which will result into the use of that data at an actionable place. Does it sound lengthy? Okay! How about integrating the CRM system of the company with the API panel provided for the campaigns?

If the CRM is directly integrated with the API then the data of the incoming leads will be straight away captured into the CRM system. Hence there will be no double efforts needed to shift the data from one place to another. This process not only saves time but also saves a lot of efforts.

OneRing comes up with this amazing feature of integrating the CRM with the API of the campaigns. This will help feed the incoming data into the CRM as well. This feature is considered to be more important also when multiple campaigns are run together at the same time. Feeding the data of each lead of every single campaign into the CRM system can be very hectic.

OneRing CRM integration makes this work smooth as butter along with getting all the insights of the campaigns, the customer’s data is automatically fed in the CRM as its integrated. OneRing also provides with a dedicated CRM view in the panel itself. The CRM view in the report of the panel helps you with the caller’s information like time and date of calling, with the caller’s number, with operator of his number and also the circle of region he belongs to. Moreover CRM view of One Rings panel is just like a CRM with all the information fed. One can add and edit the profile details of the lead, assign it agent wise internally, the follow up date of the lead, the lead’s state and status along with the section of actions taken on the lead.

CRM system is a very useful tool for a business to earn profits. It is simple but can be implemented in a huge array of methods. OneRing CRM integration turns it into effortless work by providing these features. This will make it easier for anyone to understand the CRM structure and work accordingly in a more scalable way.