Consumer Surveys


In today’s world any business revolves around the customer, his satisfaction, his opinion, his expenditure, his budget, his thoughts, his acceptance, etc. Directly asking the questions may sound to them like gathering their personal information. That is why through indirect ways and general questions, marketers try to enter the minds of consumers and know them. This is very important for every business to know the consumers mind. Consumer survey is the best option for this.

Consumer survey is basically a way to know the consumers opinion about a brand or its products. Consumer satisfaction levels are checked with the existing products of the brand in the market. Also, the suggestions and expectations are known regarding the future products of the brand. This survey plays a role of a roadmap in the planning procedure of any company. These kinds of surveys are the key sources which can heavily impact on any companies overall growth, profit and performance. This crucial information obtained through the survey from the consumers is really helpful. Many decades ago, marketers preferred conducting consumer services with the help of paper questionnaires or face to face interviews. But this process was too cumbersome for those in charge, which is why nowadays online consumer survey is more popular.

Online consumer survey is very fast and quick compare to the old methods. They are very cost-effective and time saving method. Through these surveys all the valuable insights present into the minds of the consumers can be known. These insights can help a business take more smart and fast decisions in a fraction of time compared to the traditional survey method of market research.

The process of online consumer survey can be monitored through a central dashboard in real time. These surveys can be reached each and every corner of the world quickly.

The type of questions asked in the surveys can be decided taking the target audience into consideration like the questions should be too deep or just wide etc. Then from the answers given by the audience it can be configured at its best to get the results. These surveys are very user-friendly, no privacy of any customer is tried to be hindered, and mandatory questions can be highlighted if needed.

Many important points can be found out from these surveys. Through some general demo graphical questions, insights can be found. If gender or age plays any role in making the purchase decision or not, will be observed. The factors that prompt the consumer to buy something specific can be identified. Most of the population has shopping patterns, those can be observed through these surveys. Also if the survey is regarding, the image and the need of the brand, then the scope of new product in the market can also be found out. From all this, also the brand’s awareness in the market can be checked.

So these surveys help get consumer insights without complexity. Easy and simple methods make them give their valuable views to the company. The important part of this survey is that there are no fake opinions or answers found in this. As this survey is attended by real people at real time, the accuracy level of this will be high.

Any company when runs a campaign, can easily get their consumer survey done by the online medium. For example, if a Cosmetic brand needs to find out the consumers perception towards its brand, as it is planning to launch a new premium range product. This survey is done to check the awareness among the people about the brand and to know that satisfaction level in terms of different things. From this, they also want to check if consumers will accept the new premium product or not and the cost they should decide for the product, taking consumers in mind. Now this big agenda can be fulfilled just through a consumer survey. The brand can design some related questions and can circulate in the campaign.

From this the brand will get the real time insights of the consumer’s opinion towards their products. This campaign will bring sincere and accurate results to the brand. More consumers will participate as the survey is very quick and effort plus. The company can analyse all its valuable answers from the survey. This is one of the best ways for a successful campaign. This survey can help the brand plan better for the future of the new product and will help in its launching strategies. This way it becomes very helpful for the company to get the desired data from the consumers.

OneRing’s consumer survey process makes this work very easy for the consumers. These campaigns for consumer surveys can be run successfully and can be done through just a missed call. The participant has to just give a missed call on the dedicated virtual number of the company provided by OneRing. In Auto reply, the link of the question can be sent. Clicking on that link, the participant can directly reach the questions answers section. This way the participant can fill the form in no time and give his priceless opinion to the company at no price at all.