Cash on Delivery Verification


Nowadays, the use of online purchase and home delivery is increasing. The companies try to provide all the facilities and services to their customer’s doorsteps. This attitude or strategy keeps them up in the competitive environment. These systems also save the time of the customers to go in the shops and purchase the products themselves. So benefiting from all the point of views online shopping, home delivery, and etc. services are being successful. These services provide various methods of payment like debit card, online banking, internet banking, COD etc. It is observed that most of the people in our country prefer cash on delivery method for online shopping of any product or service.

But whenever something comes in a big trend in the crowd, untrustworthy source get indulged in that. Same in this case of COD orders there are many possibilities of arrival of fake orders as well. Many medium leveled or low leveled companies even fear to start online business because of fraud orders in the COD system.

Cash on delivery is the process in which the cash is paid after the delivery of the product is done. COD or cash on delivery is a great facilitator for the e-commerce industry. It gets a big number of orders for any business. But along with that it is also one of the prime reasons for operational loss of the companies, due to bogus orders and cancellations. In such circumstances, keeping on with the COD policy for better Customer services is really a tough task. Lessening the COD failures is the foremost concerned for the e-commerce industries.

COD is the lifeline for any E-Commerce company. Big number of customers opts for COD service because of Trust issues with the company. Companies also have trust issues with the customers which is inevitable. To solve this major problem verification of COD orders is very necessary. Verification can help a company in many ways. If any customer is placing an order, there are possibilities of his/her genuinity. Thus in order to save the loss of the company verification becomes mandatory. Especially if opted for the COD service.

Campaigns mostly run for a specific time period for various purposes and experiments in the market. To know people’s opinion regarding the product, to experiment some changes in the product, to launch some new product or service etc. The agenda behind this is ultimately to increase the conversion rate and ROI. And during these campaigns many offers and discounts are also offered to the customers. This helps the company achieve their goals, also resulting into new customer base. Especially for the E-Commerce Industries, this brings a large profit. For an example, campaigns are run by the companies of brands on E-Commerce platform. So COD deliveries have to be made available if majority of the customers ask for it. As the fear of fake orders is already present, moreover during campaigns this can get more crucial. Because when campaigns are run the number of customers shopping increase, then usual days in these all cases, verification of those thousands of Orders becomes very difficult but mandatory as well. Verifying each and every customer individually is very hectic. And if they plan so then it will need much manpower, efforts and will become a very time-consuming task. But what is the COD verification can be done just in few seconds?

As the verification of COD orders individually becomes difficult, emails and calls take time and efforts. OneRing brings a simple effortless solution for the COD verification. Presenting with a brilliant feature for the companies to reduce their fake orders. OneRing focuses to help the companies in verifying their COD orders. The customer has to just give a missed call on the dedicated virtual number of the company provided by OneRing.

As soon as the customer places the order, he has to give miss call from his phone. In an auto reply message, he can get the verification code, after putting which his order will get verified. This can save time of the company and the customers as well. Verification through a simple missed call will prove that the order received is genuine and not invalid, that too for free of cost to the customers.

This service is very important for E-Commerce websites and industries nowadays. Specially for shopping websites to send the verification code and confirm, for food delivery services, and logistics industry too.

As COD is the lifeline of these industries, this simple method of verification provided by OneRing can help them stop the thefts and save their losses.