Chat Support Rating


All the online applications and services nowadays try to make it easier for their customers to operate and deal with them. Generally many people in India still prefer offline mode of purchase and transactions, mostly because of the lack of knowledge to handle online things. Sometimes while on a website, people have queries and want them to be resolved quickly. Also, if the user has to enquire anything about the product or services that has to be provided immediately to him.

People nowadays use online media and online shopping to save that time and efforts to go to the stores directly. This is why online selling and platforms are booming. And to make these things convenient, almost every website has their own chat support system.

Chat support system is a form of synchronous messaging. In this system both the customer and the agent can be present for a live chat on conversation. Chat support is almost an important growth channel for every business. It is a minimum requirement for any business to develop the system for a better customer experience. It is mostly available on any company’s website or application as a popup dialogue box. This system seems to be more convenient to the customer than voice support or email. Now when chat support is provided for providing better experience to customers, then their feedbacks and reviews on this are equally important. As everything in a business, that is offered to the customers should be according to their convenience and ease. Chat support system should also have a rating facility which helps the business to know the performance of their own chat support systems and their chat support executives as well.

Chat rating mostly tells the customers opinion or experience regarding the chat support. It reflects how happy the customers are with the chat support. This feature helps the business know about how helping it is for the customers.

By this the business will get to know more about the customer’s opinion towards the services provided by them. It will also help the business to improve their chat support, make it more stronger and reliable for the customers. If any chat support executive has done some mistake then also the business can find it out. These all things will have the business, upgrade their services more for better customer satisfaction.

From the customer’s side the chat support rating system helps them share their experience with the business. Thus if the customers have any problem with the chat support provided, or any unresolved query etc. that can be shared with the team of business immediately. Also, if the customers are very happy about the service then they can rate with 5 stars to the chat support. The feedback system provided to the customers makes them feel important and valued.

Improving customer experience day by day and providing them with the best is the ultimate goal of any business. During a campaign when the chat support is provided, that chat support ratings help a lot to the business to know the impact of the campaign on the audience. By solving the doubts of the customers through chat support will gain the business a good rating. These ratings are very important as they also show as Google rating sometimes.

OneRing’s chat support rating gives the business the knowledge about the experience of the customers towards their products. It makes this journey for any business very simple and easy. OneRing’s chat support feedback system, provides the amazing facility of taking the chat support feedback from the customer just through a missed call.

By giving just a miss call on the dedicated virtual number provided to the business or the company, the customer can rate the chat support. The important part is that the customer has to pay nothing to give that feedback, no paid feedback or no more time consuming task.

After the missed call is given and Auto reply message acknowledging the feedback is sent to the customer. It also provides with the link to the chat support after the conversation is done. The customer can rate the chat on the same page. Thus, OneRing can help any business to provide wonderful experiences to their customers through chat support rating system.