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OneRingTo FeedBack

Going one step further, OneRing has developed a unique platform through which your valuable customers can now send their feed-back, ratings etc. through missed call. This cost effective solution is widely accepted for easy participation and its free for end user.

Customer Feedback Report

Now you can publish your OneRing Toll Free number on all your products to collect the feedbacks from your consumers by just a missed call.

Customer Rating Report

Organisations can procure multiple Toll Free number, one corresponding each rating to automate customer rating process. No need of any manual intervention to record your ratings.

Point of Sale Feed-Back

OneRing Toll Free number can also be used to obtain valuable feedback from your customers at the point of sale for analysing real time statics on how your customers feel about your products and services.

Chat Support Rating

Web site owners can publish OneRing Toll Free number on their chart support system to obtain the ratings of their chat support executives/operators.