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OneRingTo Connect

One Ring to Stay Connected, Stay Updated and Stay Advanced

One Ring, an innovation for the global businesses, allows you to connect with your valuable clients through missed call. Now - no more missed clients, no more loop-holes in staying connected with the customers and no undue delay for being in-touch with them.

Lead Generation

It is quite often when you miss important calls over your mobile phone or fixed line. These calls can be from the prospects who are interested in your business. This way you lose quality leads. Through OneRing, you can have record of every miss call received. Thus, you can reach to every prospect easily and comfortably and prevent your business from loosing quality leads.

Coupon Delivery

It is quite a daunting task to deliver the coupon to the right candidate through general means. But, with OneRing, now you can easily deliver the coupon to the customers at their address. On other hand, the customers need not to follow a lot of steps to receive their coupon; they only need to leave a miss call on the Toll-Free Number published by the company.

User Registration

To play smart in these challenging marketing conditions, you need to ride on the ultra-advance technology. Online registration form and relevant stuff take a hell of a time of the user to get registered with your business. On the contrary, missed calls can be a convenient option for quick registration. It also keeps the automated system out of the registrations process.

Call Back Service

Clients always want company to take initiative to contact them. So, to please your customers and to provide them a quick and convenient option to connect with your business, you can start Call Back Service using OneRing Miss Call service. Whenever, anyone will leave a miss call on your Toll-Free Number, you will receive a notification via mail and text message. Further, you or your business executives can call back on same number.

Opt-in List Building

It is very difficult and time consuming task to prepare opt-in list building. But, with OneRing the same can be prepared easily, safely and quickly. You can publish your Toll-Free numbers and ask your clients to leave a miss call to contribute in opt-in list building procedure. Further, total number of miss call received will be recorded in the back-end control panel, and the same data can also be redirected to any defined URL.

Alert Subscription

There are number of clients who want to have alert messages from your side for every new change you bring to your business for the clients. OneRing can help in quick and easy subscription to the alert messages. The interested clients can leave a miss call on the Toll-Free number published for the subscription process. Further, the same data can be integrated with the message delivery system.

Information Pulling - Get your visitors sign up through missed call

Now your sales force can pull desired information your database by simply giving a missed call. They love it because its free.